The Power of Digital Advertising in 2019 | Getting Political

If you tuned into 60 Minutes this past Sunday, you saw Google and YouTube at the forefront of the most recent public debate on the responsibility of tech/social media giants in the political advertising realm. You may have heard last month about Facebook’s public backlash on their decision to not prevent blocking of funded political […]

Bean Media Productions | Now an Accredited DesignRush Agency!

Brand awareness and digital reputation are important for any company. Over the last 15 years or so, Bean Media Productions has worked perilously to remain ahead of trends, which isn’t easy in digital marketing! Recognizing the utilization of video through YouTube organic tactics, along with video advertising became a launch point for Bean Media back […]

Local Restaurant Digital Advertising | Battle With the Big Boys

It’s Local Restaurant Week here in Buffalo NY! Since 2009, twice a year Buffalo and Western New York turn to their devices to find the most appealing and delicious deals at local restaurants. With special dining features and “deals” starting at $20.19 a meal, it’s a huge opportunity for diners and restaurant owners to mingle […]

‘Johnny Car Insurance’ Billboard Goes Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

Marketing in 2019 is a complicated game. They say any publicity is good publicity, but when it comes to your company’s reputation, there’s a fine line between “good impressions” and “a bad impression.” There’s an endless amount of ways to market your business in today’s world, with traditional and modern concepts being tested every day […]

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