SE-What? SEO Basics for Beginners

When you think of Bean Media Productions, two images probably pop in your mind- a giant green bean, and video. We have made our name in video production, and we can produce amazing videos for you. But did you know we also do SEO and website development? What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization […]

Less Talk Selling | Buffalo Beans Business #1 | Bill Knoche

We’re always looking for fun and innovative new ways to help our clients portray their message effectively to today’s consumer. One of the things we’ve started doing is setting up interviews for podcasts, where we can talk about highlighting various features in their respective industries. Using this podcast has been effective in gaining deeper insight […]

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Next Step?

Big changes for Google, Big changes for business It has been speculated that over 50% of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device. Google is no stranger to innovation in the sense of recognizing and speculating change. They have ranked websites that are more optimized for mobile use for several years now due […]

IT’S 2015!!! New Year’s Resolution Apps

IT’S 2015!!! Happy New Year! It’s that time where we look forward to the New Year in anticipation and realize all the new things we will hopefully accomplish. Most likely, everyone’s New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss or some other goal that requires persistence and organization. Since everyone is on their phones or tablets nowadays, […]

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