How To Scan QR Codes: Using Scanlife

This video shows you how to scan QR Codes. QR Codes are today’s bar codes and ScanLife the scan app is a bar code reader as well as a QR code reader. This video produced by Bean Media Productions is one of a series of videos on how to scan with this scan app to […]

Are the Sabres Like Web Video?

The NHL is now leaving the All Star break behind and the Sabres are hitting the ice again. As I watch the Buffalo Sabres struggle in the 2011-2012 season I can’t help but think that change seems inevitable.  Weather the team’s talent is sub par, the league style has changed away from Lindy Ruff’s coaching […]

Video IS here to STAY!

In our previous post, Greg Liberto from INDARE Golf shared his insight on working with Bean Media Productions. In this post I will expand on my experiences with INDARE, I will also share a value added link at the end of this article (I think Sabres’ fans will appreciate). In working with Greg, and other […]

Welcome to Bean Media’s Blog

Hello, My name is Greg Liberto and I have nothing to do with Bean Media Productions (just kidding). Actually, Bean Media Productions has everything to do with me. My business would not be where it is without Mike Bean and his team. So to return the favor, I am assisting Mike in starting his blog. […]

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