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The Bee — More than just local news for local people.
The Bee is the heartbeat of the people… the connection to one another in the community.
School plays, government decision making, student achievements, new business openings, weddings, sports…
the unusual… the local…
the “find it nowhere else” tidbits that you truly will not find anywhere else. That’s the Bee.
Hold the Bee, read the Bee, take the Bee – – we are your portable information source. For over 130 years, the Bee has been the first choice of the residents of the communities which we service. Tried, true and faithful.
In each of the nine communities which the Bee calls home, you’ll find a steadfast and unyielding following. “…I love the Bee” “…wouldn’t be without it.””…it’s like a friend updating me on what everyone is doing.”” …it’s where I found my painter – – and he was great!”
With over 168,000 readers each week, the Bee knows how to get the message out. We’ve listened to our readers and advertisers alike and have adapted to the needs of the communities while continuing to fulfill their wants.
Recognized with awards in every aspect of journalism from rookie reporting to in-depth news coverage to photography, the Bees take their business seriously to report on what’s happening in the community. Both state and national awards have been taken home for advertising excellence as well.
We have a philosophy here at the Bee – – “If it’s happening this week, it’s in the Bee.”

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